All-new 2020 Peugeot Partner Mastering the impossible

June 10, 2019
All-new 2020 Peugeot Partner Mastering the impossible

• A segment first: Peugeot’s cutting-edge iCockpit® technology system fitted as standard
• All-new Peugeot Partner commercial vehicle pushes the boundaries of quality, comfort, functionality and technology
• Available across the GCC from June 2019*

(10 June 2019, Middle East) French automotive manufacturer, Peugeot, has introduced the all-new Peugeot Partner – and ‘2019 International Van of the Year’ – to the Middle East. Available across the GCC from June 2019*, the all-new Peugeot Partner will be priced from $12,779.

Peugeot’s latest addition to its commercial vehicle range is a true class leader; with a winning combination of increased load capacity (up to 1,000kg), petrol and diesel engine options offering more power and less fuel consumption, the all-new Partner stands out from the crowd in its segment.

The all-new Peugeot Partner, which includes Peugeot’s cutting-edge i-Cockpit® system fitted as standard, is offering unprecedented levels of refinement and versatility in the small van B segment, as well as a brand new driving experience for commercial vehicle users.

With the all-new Peugeot Partner, the brand is revolutionising the LCV segment with a relevant, dynamic and generous market offering; the all-new Partner delivers the perfect balance between convenience and drivability – hallmarks of the Peugeot brand.

Its dynamic design makes the Partner a practical, comfortable and elegant van – stimulating a stress-free mobile office. Its dimensions are perfectly in line with the market segment and the payload area is more practical and versatile than ever.
No matter the profession, commercial vehicle drivers will find the right configuration to suit any work, and with an entrepreneurial spirit at its heart the Partner makes it possible to go beyond what might have previously seemed impossible.

Rakesh Nair, Groupe PSA Managing Director for the GCC region said, “At Peugeot we believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation across all of our product ranges. The all-new Partner will shake up its segment in the commercial vehicle market here in the Middle East. We are the first manufacturer to offer uncompromised levels of refinement – which you’d expect to see in one of our premium passenger cars. The all-new Partner is a trailblazer and another exciting product to add to our existing range of distinctive and highly desirable vehicles.”

Peugeot i-Cockpit®, of which more than 4,000,000 units have been sold, is now available (as standard) on a commercial vehicle for the first time. So much more than a new feature, the Peugeot i-Cockpit® is becoming a ‘must’ for professional users who are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of the service they provide.

A head-up display is available as standard to enable essential information to be received by the driver whilst he is still able to maintain his eye on the road, which is a guarantee of safety and comfort.

A commercial vehicle is not only a means of mobility but also conveys an image. Particular care has been taken to ensure that the all-new Peugeot Partner reflects a dynamic and assertive image.

The front end is classy, modern and robust with Peugeot’s Lion sitting in the centre of a vertical grill; which enhances the powerful headlight design.

The profile reflects the force of its style. The lines are perfectly balanced with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waistline and shorter overhangs. The bevel-cut design featured symmetrically on the front and rear ends shape the sides with a new body-line style.

At the rear, the angular bumper reinforces the lower section and provides optimum protection. The hinged wide-span doors underline the vehicle’s rugged nature and constitute extra protection against theft from rear compartment. A tailgate option is also available and rear parking sensors are fitted as standard.

The interior design reflects Peugeot’s passenger vehicle range: ergonomic yet elegant. The style is chic and discrete, the space is both ergonomic and versatile, incorporating countless storage solutions for perfect functionality combined with unparalleled sturdiness.

Inside the vehicle, the eye is immediately drawn to the dashboard which includes the Peugeot i-Cockpit® where everything is within easy reach, to enable the driver to concentrate on the road and enjoy an intuitive, dynamic driving experience.

A compact, double D-style steering wheel for improved grip and manoeuvrability – handling is swifter and less tiring and, importantly, more pleasurable
When spending long periods of time in a vehicle, acoustic comfort is of prime importance, which is why special attention has been paid to delivering a level of acoustic comfort never achieved before in this segment. The blend of on-board comfort and excellent handling and ease of use, ensures the all-new Peugeot Partner enriches the lives of professionals by offering a new driving experience.

The fundamental needs of professional users and optimum efficiency were the main focus when developing the all-new Peugeot Partner.

The dimensions are perfectly in line with the segment, with a length of 4.40m for the standard version ensuring an optimum effective usable length of 1.81m. With a capacity ranging from 3.30m3 to 3.80m3 depending on the version, this is sufficient to accommodate 2 Europallets.

The Long version, which is 4.75m long (+35cm), provides even greater load capacity. The effective length of this version is 2.16m and a load capacity ranging from 3.90m3 to 4.40m3.

The all-new Peugeot Partner is built on a version of the EMP2 platform that is used for Peugeot’s latest models. This tried-and-tested base enables shorter overhangs and a small turning circle for easy manoeuvring: the kerb to kerb turning radius is only 10.82m for the Standard version and 11.43m for the Long version.

The payload is one of the best in the segment, with values of 650kg up to 1,000kg.

Six anchoring rings are provided as standard to ensure that your loads are safely secured, and depending on the version, the all-new Peugeot Partner may be fitted with a Multiflex adaptable bench seat, which provides the following possibilities:

 Three people can sit in the front. This practical feature allows professionals to transport both their teams and their tools and optimise their travel time. The absence of the conventional handbrake lever makes it possible to widen the centre seat.
 A flat roof, 500l more load capacity and an effective length of up to 3.09m for the Standard version and 3.44m for the Long version, thanks to the fold-down side passenger seat.
 Transportation of long objects thanks to the side seat base which folds up against the seatback.
 A mobile office, thanks to a writing table integrated in the fold-down central seat back. This has now been optimised and can be tilted either towards the passenger or the driver.
 A padlocked storage area underneath the central seat.
With a capacity of up to 113l, storage solutions have been designed for multiple professional usage. They are always to hand and cleverly distributed throughout the passenger area – glove box, seat pockets and even an upper glove box. Located opposite the passenger, it uses the space normally taken by the airbag (now a Bag-in Roof airbag) and is big enough to house a 15″ computer, which can also be cooled. A cable grommet has been added to the box to enable a computer to be left on charge.
The work that has been conducted on the vehicle architecture and on weight optimisation is key to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The engine range is extremely efficient:

Petrol engine features the 1.6 PureTech engine:
 PureTech 110hp with manual five-speed gearbox. All PureTech engines are fitted with a Gasoline Particulate Filter to reduce particle emissions.
A diesel engine is also available:
 BlueHDi 92hp, with manual five-speed gearbox. Diesel engines are all fitted with a FAP particle filter and a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR). This technology reduces emissions as soon as the ignition is switched.

The all-new Peugeot Partner will be available across the GCC from June 2019*.